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Some Favorite Current and Past TV Projects

Music Supervisor/Composer 


Sizzle reel for Sprout/NBC project - in development.  Using bluegrass and country music. Show Runners - Judy Rothman/Alex Rockwell


Jam Hotel

Sizzle reel for PBS project - in development.  Using zydeco, jazz and New Orleans music.
Produced by WGBH

jam pic.png


Jayden is an exciting new virtual character produced by award winning producer Elizabeth Daro and myself. We were just awarded a prestigious grant from Unreal Game Engine to being development.

Jayden is a 17 year old male pop star who will:  record music; tour; star in an animated TV series; be a social influencer; create VR/AR and mobile content;  and more. . .   Here's a link to more info.



Don't be 'mad' - but yes I have written many songs for the classic kids series - Barney.

MJ 2013 DocBarney.jpg
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