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TV and Content Development

Jeff and his team have branched into content development working on several exciting new TV series.  Below is a small sampling.

Joyous Music School

The hottest group in classical music today are these  amazingly talented Asian kids – 10-16 years old - who have been playing and performing together since the age of 4.  The Joyous Music Ensemble.

They, along with hundreds of other talented students attend the Joyous Music School in Long Island run by Julian Yu - a  former world class pianist.

What makes the ensemble so exceptional, besides being precociously talented as individuals, blend together seamlessly as a ensemble, while individually  possessing distinct and interesting personalities and backstories - perfect for an engaging TV series.

The centerpiece and leader is the 16 year old cellist Justin Yu.  Adorable, a world class cellist, with a huge personality.  His break thru moment was his appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show, where he charmed and wowed her.  He also dances hip hop and sings great.  And he's fast becoming a teen heart throb.


The group is in high demand - tours internationally with major TV appearances including: "Good Morning America, Fox News, The Today Show, Harry Connick, White House (Obama), Steve Harvey’s Little Big Shots, etc."


Their music material is primarily string arrangements of contemporary pop standards – sprinkled with some classical pieces like Vivaldi 4 Seasons.

There's been intense interest in developing a TV series around the group -

to capitalize on their amazing talent, unique personalities and wide spread

popularity both from their TV appearances and live concerts.

Please click here to read a preliminary TREATMENT for a new TV series.


Pet Chauffeur

New York City has over 8 million people and 1 million dogs and cats. Transporting people throughout the city is difficult – but pets are even harder. 

David Lang developed Pet Chauffeur over 20 years ago – first transporting medicine from vets to clients. He expanded the business and it has now become the largest pet transportation business in the world.

With his fleet of seven orange vans, he chauffeurs pets all over New York City and the world. He takes pets to and from vets, parks, kennels, groomers, airports and anywhere they might need to go.

A diversity of amazing pets (dogs, cats, tigers, gorillas, etc. ), celebrity clients, unique pet services, unforgettable stories and the one and only - David Lang.  It’s all part of what makes Pet Chauffeur the next must- see reality TV series!

Pet Chauffeur Sizzle Reel

Froggy Escapes

The Boxing Lady

Interview/Sports Magazine TV Series 

One of the most inspiring and accomplished women Jeff has met is Melvina Lathan.  Melvina is the first African American female boxing judge licensed in NY, the first female ever to head a State Athletic Commission, a boxing judge for 235 fight cards and 83 Title contests, recipient of the "Women of the Decade" award and critical in  planning the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, KY.

Jeff, along with his associates have created a TV series that explores boxing and mixed martial arts from different perspectives.  Melvina will not only interview guests about boxing and MMA, but explore other engaging subjects from all corner of the ring - including women's participation, physical fitness benefits, business and social issues,  and more. . .  

What makes Melvina so special is her unparalleled access to the athletes and main players and her ability to touch her guests in a special way- uncovering emotions never before revealed.

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